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Chat Room Disclaimer with terms and conditions

Our chat rooms are for people who reside in a Park Home

Private Messages and Private Rooms are logged and monitored by our volunteers for security purposes.

The chat rooms are provided as a free service. As such, there are no guarantees given or implied. Use of the chat rooms is at your own risk. Your use of the chat rooms constitutes an agreement that you will not hold or its affiliates liable for anything said or done in the service to anyone at anytime, even when chatting is in progress.

Again, by using this FREE chat room, you agree that we will not be held liable in any case and for any reason. You also agree, that if you do for any reason attempt to take legal action against or its affiliates, to pay any lawyer fees and other costs to us regardless of outcome.

Use of the chat room signifies that you are in total agreement to the terms contained here within. If you disagree with any of these terms, then please do not use the chat rooms. If you use the chat room and do not agree to these terms can and will not be held responsible. Thank you for participating in the use of and its affiliates reserve the right to ban anyone from using the chat rooms at any time and for any reason they deem necessary to include, but not limited to:

Abusive language
Disrespect of others
Causing a disturbance
Purposely annoying others
The mention of any Park Owner or Park Managers name does not discriminate due to race, colour, or religious background. All are welcomed from any walk of life to the chat rooms of

Chat Room Rules & Guidelines

Provocative login names such as HotBabe are not allowed as those kind of names promote a sexually charged atmosphere.

Family friendly URL's are allowed to be posted in the chat rooms. Under no circumstances are URL's to other chat rooms, or to any form of advertisement permitted. Posting of such URL's will result in being banned from the chat rooms.

Never publicly post email address, phone numbers, or anything that would compromise your location or identity. If you do give out information to anyone in the chat rooms, you are 100% responsible for any outcome as a result.

Please remember chat room etiquette. Flooding and talking in CAPS is seen as annoying to others. Please keep others in mind. If you have a hard time seeing the text, go to< Options > Text. >and make your font larger.

This is a Park Home Room its purpose is for communication between Park Home Residents

NO RELIGIOUS ARGUMENTS, this is a Park Home social chat room
No Profanity - No vulgar or sexual language or references to such. This will result in banning with or without warning.
When banned once may be allowed in only after agreeing with the guidelines. Second offences will result in permanent banning

Any attempts at retaliation from being banned or for any other reason will be reported to your ISP. Everyone's ISP information is recorded upon entering the domain and particularly the chat rooms. With this information you can be traced and reported.

cookies are used on this site but only to enable visitor numbers. If you do not agree to the use of cookies, then please exit

Please respect everyone and show proper netiquette at all times. Thank you for your participation


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